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If you’ve been in an accident, or your vehicle has damage that you would like repaired, simply call for an appointment or drop off your vehicle at our location to complete a free computerized estimate.   Once there we can then accurately assess any visual damage and any hidden damage to your vehicle before we begin making any repairs.   If we are working together with an insurance provider an estimate is mandatory in order to complete authorized work on your insurance claim.

      Body Shop


After we have assessed your vehicle, it moves into our body shop, where we remove all parts requiring separate repair or replacement, and perform body and structural repair work. We complete this repair work all while undergoing a continual quality control inspection.

      Paint Shop

When your vehicles body work is complete, we start the painting and polish process. First, our journeymen painters use computer technology to access the exact color match based on manufacturer codes before applying fresh paint. Then your vehicle is polished and prepared for reassembly before undergoing another quality control inspection.


When the painting of your vehicle is complete it returns to the body shop. There we begin the reassembly process of grills, doors, lamps, air conditioning,  and other parts involved in your repair. Once assembled, it undergoes a final quality control check to ensure all authorized repair work is completed and that the job reflects our standard of excellence.


Our final step is washing your vehicle ensuring your vehicle will look its best and also allows us to check cosmetic repairs one last time.

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